Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Here are my directions: Pray much for others; plead for God's mercy upon them; give thanks for all he is going to do for them." 1 Tim 2:1 (TLB)

A feeling of real need is always a good enough reason to pray. ~ Hannah Whitall Smith

Last week for me was characterized by the weather--gray and dismal. The anniversary of 9/11 preyed on my mind. My daughter-in-law called with the news that her grandfather had suffered a stroke. (He died a few days later.) And it was the anniversary of my mother's death 22 years ago. (See Writer's Wanderings for more details.)

One thing just fed another leading me to feel down and depressed. I shared some of this with my writing friends and they encouraged me in my writing goals but I hadn't shared what was probably bothering me most--the memories of my mom. I hadn't shared because I didn't realize myself how much it was gnawing at me even 22 years later.

By Friday, and after a great day spent with my grandkids, I began to perk up. I set about finishing the Sunday school lesson I was to teach and watched my favorite college football team (Go Bucks!) win. The lesson went well on Sunday and worship filled my heart in the service. It was on my way out of church however, that God truly showed his love for me.

A friend stopped me and said he'd been praying for me that week. He didn't know why but he felt compelled to pray for me specifically. Through his obedience in initiating prayer for me, God worked in my life, brightened my spirit and by his sharing what he'd done, God comforted me.

Is there someone God has brought to mind who needs your prayer?

©2006 Karen Robbins

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