Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Smile--at you!

If a sponge is all dried up, it is of little use until it is filled with water again. To be an encourager, you too, must be filled--with living water.

There is an account in the Bible of Jesus meeting a woman at a well. He must have planned this meeting for he'd separated himself from his disciples and was alone when she approached the well to draw water for the day. His objective: to offer her the living water, the spirit filled life that would leave her so full, she would never "thirst" again.

Set the scene in your mind. A woman, alone, is approaching the well. She sees a man--a stranger--sitting there. She hesitates. Should she continue? After all, in these days you never knew what dangers might be associated with strangers. Now here, in my mind, Jesus smiles at her. It's a smile like no other she's ever seen. It's inviting but not threatening. It's warm not coniving or sly. It's genuine not forced. It's a smile that prepares her heart for what he is about to tell her.

Smiles are like that. They prepare the way for you. Jesus still smiles at you today. He does it through his love letters--the scriptures. Start your day with a smile. Fill yourself with the living water he has to offer. Then use that smile on someone else to bring joy to their day.

©2006 Karen Robbins

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