Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Make Time--for family encouragement

"When the woman returned, Elisha said to her as she stood in the doorway, 'Next year at about this time you will be holding a son in your arms!' 'No my lord!' she protested. 'Please don't lie to me like that, O man of God.' But sure enough, the woman soon became pregnant. And at that time the following year she had a son, just as Elisha had said." 2 Kings 4:15b-17

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves. - Maria Edgeworth (O Magazine, April 2004)

It was not easy for me to get pregnant. I had to take medication. The first time it worked quickly and we had twins. The second time we tried for months and the dose of medication had to be doubled. I worried about having triplets but we were graced with another beautiful boy. Not wanting to risk another multiple birth and wanting a girl, we decided to adopt. We ended up with a "multiple" adoption. Our girl came with a brother. We stopped at five children.

Time spent with each child was critical to me. I had a mother who was a "cheerleader" in my life and I wanted that for all of my children. It wasn't easy. There never seemed to be enough minutes in the day. I had to make time to spend with each. By this I mean I set aside time. I didn't just take a time out from what I was doing--laundry, cooking, reading, cleaning, TV watching. I scheduled time to be at their school activities, to play together, to read, to talk about what was bothering them, to share in their joys and their disappointments.

I hope in the years to come, they will make time for their children as well. Three of them are fathers. That's not easy for them since they are centered on making a living, providing for those children. But here and there, I see them making time for their children, sharing in their joys and disappointments and showing my grandchildren they are loved.

(Copyright 2006 Karen Robbins)

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